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Cabreiroá water springs from a manantial in Verín. This pure, fresh and transparent water sources at 16 grades with a little sparkly taste.
It has a little bit of bubbles, so it's good to drink it while you are eatting because it have great digestive qualities.

Sousas is the name of the company which is very important in Verin. This water is extracted from a spring of Galicia.

Water is very important for our health. Our body is 60% of water. We need water to live. Without water, we wouldn't live more than three days, but without food we would live more than three weeks.


Deimantė said...

So, you wanted to say, that in Verin you have a lot of water sources?

Giedre said...

I think they wanted to say exactly that. We have the lake of Plateliai near Plungė. It is one of the largest fresh water sources in Lithuania.The lake is very beautiful so most likely we will show it, when you come to Lithuania. :)

Javier said...

Yes, we wanted to say that. Here, in Verín we have 3 water sources called Cabreiroá, Sousas and Fontenova, But we have just talked about Cabreiroá and Sousas because they are the most important water sources.

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