Erika said...

I don't understand what you want to say with this video. Can you explain?

Eglė said...

I understood, that with this video is wanted to say, that Galician language could be disappear by some reasons. Am I write?

Erika said...

I'd like to know where are you using this language? At school, at home or where? Why this language is disapearing?

iesgarciabarbón said...

Information about galician language -in english- you can see here: http://www.consellodacultura.org/arquivos/cdsg/loia/?idioma=2

Indrė said...

I think that this phrase ,,Galician language needs more protection" will sound in my dreams:D In this video i can't hear enough information about Galician language... but idea is good to show a problem;)

iesgarciabarbón said...

This is a long story:
In 15th C the queen of Castilla and the king of Aragón got married and unified most of Iberian peninsula. After that, they imposed Castillian (what you call Spanish) as the only offcial language.
Other Spanish languages like Galicia, Euskera and Catalonian were heavily repressed. This repression got worse during Franco's dictatorship. My parents, for instance, were slapped if they ever said a word in Galician at school. Urban elites (a social minority but powerful) despised Galician language and considered it the language of ignorants, peasants, sailors and workers.
After the arrival of democracy Galiocian language started to be used again in public, including schools. But now, some rightwing sectors want to take it away from school again. This campaign, usinf the faces and voices of well-known Galician artists and intellectuals, wants to call attention on that attempt to repress our language again.
Carlos Matos

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