The course has ended and our students are ready to leave for their summer holidays... wearing our school's new T-shirt with a big G letter to remind us of our country, Galicia, and our language. Enjoy you summer!


Alina Orlova - Lijo


Good summer!


Results of students’ group work on our Blog in Plunge

Results of students’ group work on our Blog in Plunge

Positive things so far

-The labels’ system works fine

-The blog’s style is ok

-We can find information in different formats (texts, photo, video…)

-Lots of information can be uploaded

-It is a perfect context for communicating

-It depends on students’ work

-The topics chosen and related topics as well

-It helps to “explore similarities and differences”

-There is space for creativity

Things we need to improve

-Adding more replies and comments

-Using the labels system more correctly

-Including a photo gallery of students or even videos

-Improving the Blog’s appearance and design

-Including more news about each country

-Adding not so serious material

-Including explanations about the videos and material uploaded, so they can be understood

-Including MP3 material


ITIS Barletta italian folk instruments